New Bedford, MA Personal Injury, Car and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Hunt & Viveiros, LLC is New Bedford, MA’s most trusted law firm. Our attorney offers quality law services and dedicated guidance for each client. We know that no two cases are the same, so our attorney provides different plans to help clients get the compensation they deserve. Our law firm specializes in accidents and personal injuries. Whether you had a slip or fall, were in a car or motorcycle accident, or were a victim of workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, or other type of personal injury, we can help. Discover more about our law services below, and see why Hunt & Viveiros, LLC is the best law office in New Bedford, MA!

New Bedford, MA Personal Injury Lawyer 

For a professional and high-quality personal injury lawyer in New Bedford, MA, look no further than Hunt & Viveiros, LLC. Our personal injury lawyer is highly skilled and experienced in handling various personal injury cases. A personal injury can occur in many ways. Some include product defectiveness, a slip or fall, construction, car, and work accidents. Learn more about our personal injury cases and how our attorney will fight for you to get your deserved compensation. 

New Bedford, MA Car Accident Lawyer

Whether someone was distracted while driving, under the influence, speeding, or impacted by bad weather, a car accident is an unfortunate situation for both parties. As the victim of a car accident, you can fight for your deserved compensation with our determined car accident lawyer. At Hunt & Viveiros, LLC, our lawyer has handled hundreds of car accident cases and is confident in helping you get the justice you deserve. Car accidents can bring trauma as well as hefty expenses and medical bills. Whether an ambulance was involved or not, medical care is costly, and not everyone has an emergency fund ready to handle their case. With the help of our attorney, you never have to worry about getting the settlement you deserve. Learn more about our car accident law services for New Bedford, MA clients.

New Bedford, MA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer  

For motorcycle accident victims in New Bedford, MA, our law office specializes in helping motorcyclists get the compensation they deserve. Not everyone obeys the rules of sharing the road for both cars and motorcyclists. As a motorcycle driver, each time you ride, you risk an injury or being in a driver’s blind spot. As a law office, we stand with motorcyclists and believe in the rights they have as drivers. Whether you are the victim of someone who was distracted while driving, under the influence, or failed to look when switching lanes, our lawyer will fight for you. Accidents can be scary and especially dangerous for motorcyclists because they have less protection. Learn more about our motorcycle accident lawyer in New Bedford, MA, and how he can help you!

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Personal injuries and motor accidents can result in severe damage, injuries, and costly expenses. With the help of our attorney at Hunt & Viveiros, LLC, you can get the compensation your case deserves. Each client’s case is significantly different, so our law office provides anything but a cookie-cutter experience. Learn more about our mission and the areas of law we specialize in, and contact us for a consultation at 508-994-7300.